Historical Romances


The Captain's Holiday Homecoming

Back at his overcrowded Devonshire family home during the holidays, single father Baz Luscombe seeks the privacy of the barn on Christmas Eve for a moment’s peace. And to serenade the horses with some songs of the season on his violin. Which is an entirely normal thing to do. He’s not prepared for his audience to include a mysterious man taking shelter from the cold. Even half frozen and weak from hunger, the impressive stranger would make any sane person keep their distance. He even looks a bit like a pirate captain. Or it might just be his hat. As wary introductions give way to conversation, the rambling Baz and the taciturn captain find a strange solace in each other’s company. Are they even strangers? Captain Nathaniel Kendall left Salcombe Bay with boyish hopes of restoring his family’s fortunes. Misadventure at sea left him with no other option than to stay away for good. When news comes that his sister has returned to the old family home and its attendant ghosts, Nathaniel finally loses his resolve to never again set foot in Devon again. But the road home after nearly two decades away is never straightforward, and an arctic gale blows him off course. Finding shelter in a barn, his relief only lasts until the entrance of Lord Basil, his childhood neighbour. Now how can Nathaniel protect his secrets when faced with the disarming charm and humbling generosity of a man like Baz? As the lantern light burns low, and the hours tick down until the dawn of Christmas Day, both men will need to discover why this secret holiday encounter feels like coming home.

I moved from the US to England because I fell in love with the Victorians’ peculiar blend of glamour and grime. After a decade of exploring historical excesses in a prim scholarly fashion, I’ve realized that fiction is the best way to delve into that period’s great female-focused and LGBTQ+ stories. Weaned on the high-seas romances of the 1990s, nowadays I’ve lost my tolerance for boorish heroes but none of my love for cross-dressing cabin boys. I’m delighted to now have a whole raft of quirky and queer characters to cheer for on their quest for Happily Ever After. I frequently breaks off writing for an Earl Grey tea (milk, not lemon). I’ve escaped Brexit Britain—but now I miss the rain.

The Christmas Chevalier

Alvy Lexington has swapped his fashionable London home for a dingy, damp flat—Hallelujah! No one who knows him by his given name will ever visit. But when his old friend Laura Jacobs needs somewhere to spend the holidays, Alvy’s plans unravel faster than his pawn-shop suit. Laura is determined to enjoy a temporary escape from her grey days as a governess. But she never dreamt up anything quite so magical as her dance with a masquerade knight on Christmas Eve. Can her chevalier be real?


A Highland Hogmanay

When orphaned heiress Sharda Holkar meets the intriguing proprietress of a Highland castle at a masked ball, she leaps at the chance to escape her controlling cousins with a holiday hop over the border. Estate manager Finella Forbes is shocked that this delightful stranger wants to come home with her for the raucous celebrations of Hogmanay. But Balintore Castle desperately needs a rich new owner. Can the mischief of a Highland New Years’ Eve turn their hasty mistakes into holiday magic?


A Chaperoned Christmas

When a country rustic in need of society chaperones forces Candida Damerell and Broderick Carlyle to spend the holidays together, the lovers-turned-enemies both scent an opportunity for revenge. But Lady Sophia Luscombe is nobody’s pawn. She will use the charms of a West Country Christmas to catch her chaperones in their own net. It is just too bad that the same enchantment is reviving her own youthful crush on Candida. Will a masquerade ball allow these three fierce spirits to reveal the truth?